Of Looks and Life’s Eternity

Whuuuuuuu!!!! Akhirnya saya pulang!! Selamat tinggal nebeng di kost-an sepupu! Tidur tanpa AC! Nyapu ngepel sendiri! Nyari makan sendiri!

And welcome back the sweet sweet life of a spoiled rotten child. Nyahaha! Oke, ini sebenarnya nggak baik. Tujuan saya disuruh kesana kan sebenarnya biar jadi mandiri. =_= oh well, saya flexible kok. Saatnya mandiri ya mandiri, saatnya santai ya santai.

Ah! Siapa yang nanya soal keadaan saya? Cuekin aja, yang penting saat ini saya punya seuah hadiah untuk semuanya HAHAHAHA ( =_= kaya ada yang baca blog ini aja..)

Ok, ini fanfic lama saya 5 bulan yang lalu, tapi dulu grammarnya sampah gitu. Jadi sekalian memperbaiki kecacatan di masa lalu, saya post ulang sambil saya benah-benahin dikit. enjoy! 😀

Pairing: HarukaxJuuri from Vampire Knight.
Rate: T (for incestuous relationship)

Oh, and in vampire years, Haruka would be around 24 and Juuri 13. (Because I’ m a sicko just like that 😉 *wink*). But if you can’t stand the mental image, then.. well, just imagine their age as you please :p

: This Blood We Share :
-Of Looks and Life’s Eternity-

Haruka had always thought that the life of a vampire, a pureblood one nonetheless, was a boring one. Maybe even the word boring was an understatement.

As a pureblood, it was just expected to appear calm and cold all the time. A statue carved out of an iceberg. It was customary to show not even the slightest bit of feelings in front of another vampire. Because feelings indicated weakness, and weakness was something you would never want to show to other vampires, especially the ones you really couldn’t put your faith onto. Showing weakness was like offering yourself to be eaten. Like throwing a timid rabbit into a cage of starving wolves. Except, in this case, you are the rabbit.


Haruka chuckled at the thought. There was never faith in the life of vampires. No such meaningless thing existed among his race. That’s what he had believed so far.

Sometimes he even wonders about the dark and unreadable gaze, flickering through his brother’s mix-matched eyes whenever he looked at him. Haruka had never really paid attention, but it just happened to bug him as he caught the unsettling emotion in his brother’s eyes more frequently lately. The emotion would only show itself for barely half a second, but it was there nonetheless. This indistinguishable looks Rido had been shooting him, sometimes it felt like jealousy. But to think about it this way would just confused Haruka even more.

What Rido Kuran—the smart, strong, handsome and the next-to-be-king Rido Kuran—could possibly want from his younger brother, who, though was just as smart and handsome, had a more preserved and a little bit anti-social nature.

Haruka’s train of thoughts were put to a halt as he caught a distinct, peculiar noise from somewhere in the Kuran’s humongous manor. From the sharp hearing his vampire ears possessed, the brunette could tell that it was from somewhere around the west wing—his personal territory—of the house. Taking notice of the light yet firm clacking of short-heeled shoes against the polished marble floor, he easily identified her signature sound of foot steps. Elegant and flowing with hints of pride and authority—something she took after Father, without any doubt.

But something felt amiss about it. The steps were harsher than usual, more clipped and piercing. Echoing in the halls that was void of any presence but hers, cutting through the thick silence sharply.

A small smile crept onto his face as the sound increased in volume.

She’s coming his way.

Closing his thick, leather-bound book with a soft thud, his eyes lazily drifted to the oak doors, couples of meters away across from where he was sitting right now behind his pristine mahogany desk. Leaning back against the luxurious Victorian couch, Haruka’s smile grew even wider as he counted inwardly.




The doors slammed open none-too-gently, revealing a pissed-looking Juuri.

“Hello, Juuri. To what do I owe the pleasure of you coming to me in this wonderful afternoon?” Haruka greeted—half teased—his sister calmly. A fond smile lingering on the corner of his lips.

“You cheater!!!” The angry, adolescent vampire blurted instantly. Stomping her way into the chamber and plopped herself down onto the crimson chaise settee in the middle of the room unceremoniously.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You took all the best features!” She sighed in exasperation. Throwing her arms up impatiently like what she was saying was the most obvious thing in the whole world. “You know? Just a couple of minutes ago, I went to your room—looking for good books, not that I want to meet you or something, mind you—and can you believe what I did find there?”

A single eyebrow rose in mild curiosity.

“The servants! While cleaning your room, they were gossiping about you. Oh how your eyes are so placid and serene. Or how you seem so calm and cool, unlike me!” She made a poor imitation of the said maids as red hues started to tint her auburn irises in anger.

“Ah,” Haruka rubbed the thumbs of his intertwined fingers that were rested upon the desk together softly and looked at them like they were the most interesting thing in the world. His face remained impassive and calm. “I’m sure you already know that you shouldn’t let their words get into you, Juuri.”

“I wouldn’t if only I didn’t think that they’re right myself.” The younger vampire huffed and raised an accusing finger towards Haruka. “You’ve got Daddy’s towering built, and Mom’s hooded eyes. You even have her shinny chestnut hair!”

“In case you’ve forgotten, Juuri dear, your brunette is just the same as mine, give or take a few shades.”

“It’s still not the same.” She countered in an obstinacy to match a five-year-old’s. Making Haruka chuckled softly.

“I like your eyes better,” he offered. Yes, that pair of liquid-fire eyes of hers. They held strength and pride and power. Those are the kind of eyes no one could defy. The eyes of an arrogant queen yet a loving little girl at the same time. Haruka shivered in—sinful—delight at the thought of the eyes, burning red in hunger as she would pierce his skin and sink her elongated fangs into the nape of his neck to take his blood.

Haruka blinked twice. Immediately halting his none-too-innocent-imagination to an abrupt stop—thus dissipating the blood-red tint that started to appear on the outer line of his irises. “Indeed. I love your eyes.” He smiled to his one and only sister mysteriously.

“You’re just saying that to shut me up.” The queen-to-be folded her arms in front of her chest and sunk deeper into the plush of the seat. “Or just because you’re my brother.”

“No.” Came the quick reply of Haruka. “You should have known that I would never lied to you.” He chided the sulking girl.

“Besides,” the second prince of the Kurans leaned forward and rest his elbows against the desk’s corner. “Why should I make you stop? I like your voice.”

“Ugh! Stop with the teasing, will you!” Angrily Juuri slammed her feet against the floor. She threw a menacing glare towards her brother and casually propped her legs upon the coffee table in front of her. All the time glaring at Haruka as if challenging the elder vampire to scold her for the inappropriateness of her actions.

Haruka sighed inwardly. Juuri was certainly one of a kind.

He wondered how someone can be so proud yet so insecure at the same time.

She didn’t have the dreamy, elfish-look of Haruka and their Mother’s because she had taken after the brilliant, flaming beauty of their Father’s—not to forget, the fiery temper also.

One could easily see that she was vibrant and passionate, and that was the kind of beauty ones’ eyes would always follow no matter where she went. The striking image of a quickly blooming queen-to-be.

The young vampire rose from his seat and walked over to the chaise settee, his sister’s eyes kept plastering to him with every graceful step taken. Haruka plopped himself down right beside Juuri and scooted closer when said girl distanced herself from him. With long, slender arms he took his sisters legs from the coffee table and rested them on his lap.

“You know Juuri? You are beautiful. And I’m not saying that just because I’m your brother or because I’m trying to please you.” The palm and the tips of his fingers were slowly ghosting over his sister’s ankles, up to her bare calves.

“Really? Why is it so hard for me to believe you then?” The head-strong little princess kept a futile attempt to stay cool and looked angry despite the shivers that were threatening to run down her spine as she felt Haruka’s fingers brushed against the sensitive skin on the back of her knees.

The second prince’s eyes glinted in amusement and mischief as he scooted closer to his sister. “Are you hinting that, you want a proof?”

“I’m not—!” Juuri was caught off guard as one of Haruka’s arm flung itself over her slim waist, pressing their bodies flushed against each other. While the other arm—that was stroking her legs earlier—shot forward to tilt her chin. In less than a second, her lips were suddenly captured by her brother’s in a feverish, searing kiss.

All thoughts were flying out of the window as Haruka’s tongue delved into the caverns of her mouth and tease her own to join it in an ancient dance of passion and love as old as the time itself. The younger—and inexperienced—vampire just couldn’t help but to tighten her hold at the front of her brother’s front shirt and whimpered at Haruka’s domineering kiss.

She was a strong and proud girl. One that could easily have her wishes and orders done, by many noble vampires nonetheless. Submission was, absolutely, not her thing. But right at that time, right under her brother’s weight upon her and his demanding kiss, Kuran Juuri—the only daughter of the Kuran Empire and the next to sit upon the Queen’s throne—couldn’t help herself but to let her brother dominate her. A little nagging voice at the far back of her mind even groaned in terror as she realized that she actually liked being dominated by this man.

Haruka pulled away just enough to breathe in much-needed fresh air before he continued trailing feather-light kisses down Juuri’s jaw line. Down, down he went until he nibbled lazily on the pale flesh at the juncture of his sister’s neck.

“Well, obviously, only a beauty like yours can make one loses his entire mind and started to kiss one’s sister like I just did, don’t you think?” He murmured a breathy whisper to his very flushed, very dazed, sister.

Juuri snapped out of her reverie and shook her head to clear her mind.

“Ha-Haruka! You—!”

“Yes, Juuri dear?” The elder vampire mumbled casually, still enjoying the softness of his sister’s neck. Smirking internally at said girl’s lost of words.

“You pervert!” Juuri blurted out. Still blushing furiously from their earlier ministrations. Quickly she scrambled to the furthest end of the coach while pressing her palms against her burning neck.

“Only for you, Milady.” Haruka chuckled deeply.

Juuri stared in horror as her brother threw her a much-too-innocent, boyish, lopsided smile and moved closer with one hand reaching out to her. The young brunette flinched, her eyes closed tightly in anticipation of yet another attack from her brother only to be surprised by a warm, gentle hand, softly patting the top of her head in a completely platonic way. Disheveling her brown tresses everywhere.

“Hey, smile now, Sister dear.” The Kuran’s second prince pinched Juuri’s flushed cheeks teasingly. “You know you’re much prettier that way.”

The long-haired princess was left perplexed by her brother’s attitude. Just a few seconds ago he was this kiss-hungered pervert, and here he was right now, an affectionately teasing elder brother.

She quickly untangled herself from the male vampire and tried—in vain—to smooth her wrinkled dress. “Don’t play all innocent now, you!”

“I don’t.” Haruka chuckled in amusement.

“Ugh! You ruined my dress!” Juuri tugged at the hem of her white cotton dress, which was all smooth and neat earlier. The dress was now crinkled and had lost its two top buttons. “And it’s one of my favorites.” The little brunette girl sulked.

“I’ll get you new ones the next time I’m going to the Ouris’.”

“Will you really?” Juuri’s eyes lit up suddenly in excitement. The town where the Ouri clan resided was, after all, famous for having the finest tailors with the best dresses and suites ever known. Moreover, it would be even much more special if it was her brother himself that’s buying the dress for her.

“Sure, what’s there not to give to my Juuri?”

“Oh thank you, Haruka!” the beautiful princess squealed and threw her arms around her brother out of reflex. Practically glomping him. “Come to think of it, because you’re being so nice as in buying me a new dress, maybe I’ll forgive you for cheating.”

“Persistent about this ‘cheating’ thing, aren’t we?” The male vampire pat his sister’s back softly. Smiling at her childishness.


Warm and genuine laughs came out heartily from both vampires as they indulged themselves in each other’s embrace. Like a child that she was, Juuri had completely forgotten about the earlier ‘attack’. She was, after all, still too young to recognize things such as lust. Thus she brushed things like the kiss off quite easily. She did love Haruka, but in which way, she hadn’t yet known. The elder vampire didn’t mind though—for now, at least. As long as she loved him now, they could work the other things out as she matured naturally.

Haruka was enjoying the innocent gesture from his sister when he picked another presence beside the two of them, nearing the room. He recognized it as one of the servants, walking timidly towards the room. Must be something to do with either him or Juuri.

“Excuse me, Juuri-sama. The professor for your scientific study has already come and is waiting for you now.” A servant girl spoke slowly from outside of the room, accompanied by soft knocks on the wooden door.

“Tell her to wait for me; I’m changing my attire first. I’ll meet her when I’m ready.”

“Understood, Juuri-sama.” Juuri and Haruka listened to the faint footsteps of the servant walking back to the main part of the mansion.

The younger vampire then rewarded her brother with a peck on the lips before she released her grip from him and skipped merrily towards the door.

“Bye-bye for now, Haruka.” She smiled. All trace from earlier tantrum was long gone from her face.

“See you later, Juuri.” Haruka tilted his head, resting it against the armrest of the settee. “Study well. Remember not to eat the teacher.”

Juuri rolled her eyes at her brother’s remark and proceeded outside the room with one last wave of goodbye. Leaving behind only the remnants of the vibrant, lively atmosphere that seemed to follow her, no matter where she went.

Now that the room was void of her presence, Haruka noted that it felt dim and lifeless. Empty.

Folding his arms behind his head to provide more comfort, Haruka propped one leg over the other, both of which dangling over the armrest at the other edge of the couch lazily. The vampire smiled softly to himself.

The life of a vampire, a pureblood one nonetheless, was a boring one. Maybe even the word boring was an understatement. But maybe, if he added Juuri to the equation, then, it would be so much different. If he had his dear Juuri to spend the eternity with, he thought it wouldn’t be boring at all. Au contraire, he could imagine what colourful centuries—millenniums—would come his way, their way, with Juuri at his side.

Maybe, after all of his endless doubt, faith did exist. Now that he finally found one thing he could put his faith in, he actually did believe. A faith in his love for Juuri. For their future together, throughout the eternity of their lifes.

‘Sure.’ Haruka yawned and sunk himself deeper into the soft plush of the settee beneath his body. As the sweet taste of Juuri—apples and cinnamon—was still thick, lingering at the tip of his tongue, and the intoxicating scent of her shampoo clung to his shirt, a satisfied smile stretched wide across his lips.

‘As long as there is Juuri.’


Hahahahaha. They’re only 11 years apart, sooo.. it doesn’t count as a lolicon ritee? sure sure xD besideees, it’s not like they stop growing up or something, in the end, they’ll look like they’re of the same age anyway  :p

Yap, I guess it’s enough madness for today. Catch ya later! :))

so until the next time we meet,



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